When the people of Budapest have a piece of Soviet-era architecture, like Kossuth Square 4-6 (Béla Pintér, 1972), which they deem…inappropriate, especially in a landscape as great as Kossuth Square, they remodel it, so it may reflect the regional consciousness.

Above, a grim reminder of the MSzMP; below, the remodel, based on 1928 architectural plans of Dezső Hültl

When the people of Los Angeles, when presented with something as simple and culture-defining as a green-and-black tiled 1931 bathroom, they too deem it inappropriate, and remodel it so it may reflect…what, exactly?

Leo DiCaprio’s bathroom—one of them, anyway—for the past twenty years, at 1675 Angelus Avenue
God bless flippers, saving us from Art Deco so we may shower in the ubiquitous hotel bathroom of Everytown, USA
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